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Escape in a bath tub

On 26 March 1914, Frederick Hamilton had sneaked into the Comptroller-General’s official quarters just before dark, forced the bathroom door, whipped out the galvanised iron bathtub from its fixings, fastened it between the four legs of an upturned table, and dragged it nearly 200 yards through the darkness to the mangroves. He hauled the contraption into the water and put out to sea. Within minutes, however, it capsized and Hamilton all but drowned.

Escape in bath tub

After hiding all the next day, next night he made another raft, fixing an old door to the tops of two pine stools, using nails removed from driftwood and a stone as a hammer.

At midnight he again put out to sea, but was recaptured only 200 yards from the mainland shore.

For the full story, and many other tales of escape, you’ll need The St Helena Story.

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