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The Tailors Workshop

The tailors workshop

In the tailors workshop, over thirty men would be found at work converting heaps of material into shirts, aprons, trousers, suits, coats, saddle cloths, overalls, vests and jumpers.

One observer visited the workshop in 1901. He later wrote:

We started off round the benches, seeing first the novices at work making their own shirts and other garments. Then came the more learned members of the profession who were sewing away at some rough tweed, making garments for the pensioners at Dunwich and Goodna, and like happy places. Alongside these were men who had thoroughly learned the trade and were employed making greatcoats of blue venetian cloth for the warders and police.

The prisoner tailors took off their heavy prison boots when beginning work in the morning and put on slippers which they made for themselves from white cloth.

In other workshops, men were employed each day as bootmakers, saddlers, brushmakers, bookbinders, tinsmiths, blacksmiths and carpenters.

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